Instruction in Mathematics at Moriah follows the curriculum prescribed by the NSW Board of Studies. We are committed to:
  • Inspiring and fostering an understanding of the beauty and utility of Mathematics
  • Ensuring that all our students gain numerical competency and achieve their potential in this subject
  • Challenging all students while remaining available for assistance and mentoring
  • Stimulating interest in Mathematics among all students, regardless of their career choices
  • Preparing students who have an interest in Mathematics for entry-level professional, Mathematics-related employment and for further study
  • Helping those students who have nominated to do any level of Mathematics for the HSC achieve the highest possible grade
  • Developing and fostering our own knowledge as professionals of Mathematics through professional development and study
  • Educating teachers within the department to be comfortable with all the available technology and be able to use this technology to further engage students and develop their Mathematical understanding
  • The department has a long history of outstanding results and an open staff room for students. Extra assistance is provided three afternoons per week after school in 'Maths Club'.
Enrichment is programed into all years and we have a remarkable record of involvement and achievement in various specialised competitions. Puzzles and problems are regularly published in the HAYOM newsletter for High School and Middle School. As well, in recent years we have had a number of interested guest speakers addressing our students.

In order for all students to be able to maximise their potential, Mathematics classes in all courses are streamed so that instruction can be differentiated.

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