How do I enrol my child?
  • First you must fill out an enrolment form – you can obtain this in two ways:
  1. Phone 9375 1600 and ask to speak to the Director of Admissions, Vicki Farkas, who will send you a form;
  2. Or download the form from the website

If you are offered a place, you will then receive an Acceptance of Enrolment Form and another form requesting your child’s personal data

How much is the enrolment fee?

  • A fee of $150 must accompany the enrolment form
Are there other costs involved?
  • No, not on application
  • Once you are offered a place, you will need to pay a non- refundable half a term’s fee in advance to secure your child’s place
When will I hear from the College?
  • You will receive confirmation that we have received the enrolment form
  • Approximately nine months before your child’s commencement date, you will be notified whether or not your child can be offered a place
At what age should I enrol my child?
  • Many people request an enrolment form when a child is born. It is always a good idea to enrol your child as early as possible
My child is due to commence school soon and I haven’t sent in an enrolment form – is it too late?
  • It’s not necessarily too late but you may end up on a waiting list with no guarantee of acceptance
What is the procedure if I want to transfer my child from another school?
  • You simply obtain the enrolment form and send it in with your $150 application fee or complete it on line
What are your intake years?
  • Preschool
  • Year K
  • Year 7
Are any students given priority for entry?
  • Yes:
    • Siblings of Moriah students
    • Children of past students. For this purpose, the definition of a past student is someone who has completed a minimum of four consecutive High School years including HSC in Year 12
Can priority status be lost?
  • Yes, if you move a child from Moriah to another school, any siblings of that child lose their sibling priority status
Can I transfer my desired entry to another year?
  • Yes, but you must let the Enrolment Officer know ASAP
Can I pay my enrolment fee and/or my school fees with my credit card?
  • Yes, we accept all credit cards
Do you offer subsidies?
  • Yes, a detailed application form is available on request
  • All subsidies are re-assessed on an annual basis by a committee
  • Families need not apply for subsidies until they have been offered a place at the school. The granting of subsidies does not affect a student’s enrolment chances
Is it compulsory for my child to do Jewish Studies and Hebrew?
  • Yes, all Primary School students have compulsory, structured Jewish Studies and Hebrew programs
  • All students from Years K-12 must attend morning prayers and say grace after meals every day.
Moriah is a large school – will my child get lost?
  • Moriah has created ‘discrete schools within a school’
  • Whilst there are overlapping mentoring and buddy programs, each section of the school: Primary, Middle and High is a separate entity – this ensures the intimacy of each section is not compromised.
My child has special needs. Can he/she be catered for?
  • Yes, we have an extensive special needs program and highly skilled educators can cater for children with a wide range of needs
  • We are always available to discuss your child’s special needs with you.

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