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Family Involvement

The involvement of our families is integral to the care and education of all of the children who attend the Early Learning Program at the Moriah and Mount Zion Preschools. 

We recognise that families have particular strengths and interests so we encourage participation in many different ways. We invite families to talk with us about how they would like to be involved. Some of the ways that families enjoy participating with us include:

·        reading and telling stories

·        baking

·        gardening

·        assisting with documentation

·        preparing for festivals

·        attending and helping at fund raising functions

The Moriah and Mount Zion Preschools offer family education specifically for parents. This includes educational discussion groups and talks. Free Hebrew courses are also offered for parents. Parents who have previously attended these courses are now able to help their school-aged children with their Hebrew homework. These courses include:

·        Hebrew reading crash course for both beginners and advanced

·        Varied Jewish courses about festivals celebrated during the year

·        Educational cooking demonstrations helping parents to facilitate a kosher home with healthy cuisine

Family participation in Jewish observance is also supported by the availability of CD’s produced by the Preschools, which include songs for prayers and celebrations.

Parent Club

We are proud to have a very active Parent Club where everyone is welcome to participate. Meetings are held each term and parents look forward to coming to meet friends and teachers and to listen to reports from the parent executive, the Preschools Director and guest speakers. 


Class-parents are elected at the beginning of each year to facilitate communication, create an optimum response to all activities and implement our policy of welcome and support to all families.