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Academic Life

The  Middle School is designed to give our students in the “middle years” a greater sense of identity and emotional security whilst involving them in relevant, meaningful and challenging learning across a range of subjects and disciplines.

The aim of Middle School is to:

  • allow teachers to focus on and design programs that uniquely address the specific needs of students in the “middle years” - programs, which include the widest possible range of intellectual, social, cultural and physical experiences
  • provide a flexible approach to early adolescence
  • provide a focused transition from the protective, guided environment of the Primary School to the more academically driven senior years
  • focus on a skills-based curriculum rather than content alone
  • ensure a smoother transition from Primary School to High School by introducing the changes more gradually, this being important for both students and parents
  • place emphasis on curriculum reform so that the focus is on learning being student-centred rather than subject-centred