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The Harold Nagley Moriah Heritage Centre

The Harold Nagley Moriah Heritage Centre (HNMHC)  celebrates and promotes the guiding principles, heritage and ongoing contribution of Moriah College to both the Jewish and broader community. It builds awareness and understanding of the history of the College, the multifaceted achievements of its students and traces the commitment of all those who have contributed to the development, success and unique character of the College.

Our mission is to collect, preserve and display objects, documents and multimedia related to the social and academic history of Moriah College, from its inception until the present day, in a format that supports interactive access by students as well as the wider community.

The HNMHC is now open and our greatest priority is to build the Centre's core collection, from which exhibits, publications and educational programs can be developed.

The various types of materials collected by the Centre include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • art - drawings, paintings, prints, sculpture, digital art, etc.
  • audio and video interviews
  • printed material - books, pamphlets, manuscripts, magazines, posters, maps, etc.
  • film, video and audio recordings
  • musical recordings and scores
  • photographs - original and copy prints, photo albums, negatives, etc.
  • textiles - uniforms, costumes, clothing, badges, flags, banners, etc.
  • textual records - personal correspondence, letters, diaries, etc.
  • three-dimensional objects - personal effects, mementos, teaching and learning implements, ritual objects, musical instruments, models, furnishings, architectural fragments, etc.

If you have any enquiries or articles you would like to contribute, please contact the HNMHC Curator, Helena Robinson, who can be reached on 9375 1600 on Mondays and Tuesdays, 9am - 2pm, or via email at