Primary and High School FAQs


How do I enrol my child?
  • First you must fill out an enrolment form – you can obtain this in two ways:
  1. Phone 9375 1600 and ask to speak to Director of Admissions, Vicki Farkas, who will send you a form;
  2. Or download the form from the website

If you are offered a place, you will then receive an Acceptance of Enrolment Form and another form requesting your child’s personal data

How much is the enrolment fee?

  • A fee of $150 must accompany the enrolment form
Are there other costs involved?
  • No, not on application
  • Once you are offered a place, you will need to pay a non- refundable half a term’s fee in advance to secure your child’s place
When will I hear from the College?
  • You will receive confirmation that we have received the enrolment form
  • Approximately nine months before your child’s commencement date, you will be notified whether or not your child can be offered a place
At what age should I enrol my child?
  • Many people request an enrolment form when a child is born. It is always a good idea to enrol your child as early as possible
At what age is my child eligible to attend Year K?
  • Your child must be must be five years old by the 30 April of the desired year of entry
My child is due to commence school soon and I haven’t sent in an enrolment form – is it too late?
  • It’s not necessarily too late but you may end up on a waiting list with no guarantee of acceptance
What is the procedure if I want to transfer my child from another school?
  • You simply obtain the enrolment form and send it in with your $150 application fee or complete it on line
What are your intake years?
  • Preschool
  • Year K
  • Year 7
Are any students given priority for entry?
  • Yes:
    • Siblings of Moriah students
    • Children of past students. For this purpose, the definition of a past student is someone who has completed a minimum of four consecutive High School years including HSC in Year 12
Can priority status be lost?
  • Yes, if you move a child from Moriah to another school, any siblings of that child lose their sibling priority status
Can I transfer my desired entry to another year?
  • Yes, but you must let the Director of Admissions know ASAP
Can I pay my enrolment fee and/or my school fees with my credit card?
  • Yes, we accept all credit cards
Do you offer subsidies?
  • Yes, a detailed application form is available on request
  • All subsidies are re-assessed on an annual basis by a committee
  • Families need not apply for subsidies until they have been offered a place at the school. The granting of subsidies does not affect a student’s enrolment chances
Is it compulsory for my child to do Jewish Studies and Hebrew?
  • Yes, all Primary School students have compulsory, structured Jewish Studies and Hebrew programs
  • All students from Years K-12 must attend morning prayers and say grace after meals every day.
Moriah is a large school – will my child get lost?
  • Moriah has created ‘discrete schools within a school’
  • Whilst there are overlapping mentoring and buddy programs, each section of the school is a separate entity – this ensures the intimacy of each section is not compromised
How big are the classes?
  • From 2005, the Board took the initiative to guarantee no classes in Years K-2 would have more than 26 students, and that would have a flow-on effect as those students move through the College
  • The fact that we have plenty of specialist classes for extension and remedial work, means that there are very few times during the day that the whole class is together
My child has special needs. Can he/she be catered for?
  • Yes, we have an extensive special needs program and highly skilled educators can cater for children with a wide range of needs
  • We are always available to discuss your child’s special needs with you.