Welcome to the Parents' and Friends' Association

The Moriah College Parents’ and Friends’ Association, better known as the P&F, has been in existence since the College started in 1943 and serves as a link between the parents and the College as a whole.

Our reason for being is simply to provide service.

We achieve this in a number of ways, but mainly through:
  • Fundraising and
  • "Friend-raising"
Of course, “service” means different things to different people.

Our definition includes:

Providing service to the entire student body (K – 12) through:

  • Managing the uniform shop
  • Catering for school events
  • Preparing class lists
  • Distributing annual books and stationery
Providing essentials and extras to the entire College - both staff and students - with funds raised by the P&F:
  • Purchasing playground and audio-visual equipment
  • Purchasing musical instruments
  • Helping to implement the College’s special needs program
Most recently, our funds have enabled us to:
  • Make better use of our existing computers and IT facilties, supporting larger numbers of students and staff
  • Trial wireless networking in the Primary School (now implemented throughout the College)
  • Facilitate mobile classrooms within the Primary School
  • Finalise the purchase of "Elvis", the state-of-the-art school bus
  • Purchase computerised Interactive White Boards for each classroom in the new Primary School building
Finally, we provide services to the parent body by offering them the opportunity to:
  • Have hands-on involvement in College activities
  • Make new friends and form great networks
  • Support our children's education and College experience