Welcome To Early Learning At Moriah College

Bereshit – In the beginning….

“You know that the beginning is the most important part of any work especially in the case of a young and tender thing”

It is in the first years of life that young children develop a sense of themselves and their place within the community of learners. In our Early Learning Centres, our focus is on:

  • the practice of relationships
  • strengthening the processes of learning
  • developing positive dispositions to learning
Each of these aspects provides a strong foundation for later success and accomplishment in both academic
and social worlds.

The image of the young child as strong, capable and curious informs the educational experiences provided for the children. Our educators believe that childhood is celebrated as a time to play and to participate in the rich cultural and religious traditions of the Jewish Community.

We create ‘slow time’ and a 'home away from home' where children, educators and families learn new things together. The focus is on process rather than product and on building respect for self, others and the environment.

Our Early Learning Centres are the entry point into Moriah College and as such provide a unique contribution to the College mission statement.

Moriah College aspires to achieve excellent academic standards by promoting the intellectual, spiritual, moral, social and physical development of the students. We strive to foster critical thought, cultural interests, tolerance, social responsibility and self discipline. The total development of all our students remains our overall concern – helping them to proudly realise their full potential as Jews and as Australians.

Cathy Milwidsky, 
Director of Early Learning