A full-time Careers Adviser is available for both Parent and Student interviews covering career and post-school options, subject selection, Vocational Education & Training (VET) courses, New Apprenticeships, University, TAFE and Private Provider course, Scholarships, Cadetships and Traineeships, Special Provisions and more.

At the completion of Year 9, students go through the process of applying for a job, writing a covering letter, constructing a resume and personal portfolio and taking part in a mock interview.

In Year 10, all students complete a Careers Quiz and attend an individual interview with the Careers Adviser. This information, combined with lessons on career choice, job investigation, post-school courses and alternative study pathways gives students the skills to manage their own career lives. Special emphasis is given to the selection of HSC subjects, including the opportunity to take part in TAFE courses in Year 11 and 12 where it is possible for students to obtain an ATAR, HSC and nationally recognised industry qualifications.

To introduce them to the world of work, Year 10 students undertake formal work experience and are encouraged to contact prospective employers to organise their own placement. Information regarding OH&S is given before the work experience week begins.

Year 11 students take part in the annual Industry Panel workshops, given them the opportunity to hear speakers talk about their work and careers.

Year 12 students participate in the annual Sydney Morning Herald Careers Expo where they can investigate post-school options by questioning representatives from TAFE, Private Providers, Group Training organisations (to find an Apprenticeship position) and Universities from New South Wales, interstate and overseas. They can also attend HSC subject presentations run by the Board of Studies and tertiary application processes presented by UAC.

In addition to personal interviews, up-to-date information is disseminated via Careers Corner (a Careers Newsletter within the weekly parent Newsletter), daily messages, Year Meeting announcements, visiting speakers and printed material in the Careers Resource Room.