The Computing Department believes that technology needs to be integrated in all curriculum areas and not be taught in isolation. We live in a society when technology is constantly at our fingertips. Many children already have experiences in using these technologies when they enter the classroom and expect to use these in their learning. Literature and research suggest that we should be promoting a learning environment that helps our students to acquire 21st Century skills which include; critical thinking and problem solving, agility and adaptability, initiative and entrepreneurialism, effective oral and written communication, accessing and analysing information and curiosity and imagination.

Global connectivity has become an important component of our lives. Students to have a global awareness they need to have a connected environment where they can readily participate and “ collaboratively work and learn from individuals representing diverse cultures, religions and lifestyles in a spirit of mutual respect and open dialogue in personal, work and community context.” (Wagner, T; 2010; The Global Achievement Gap)

Students of today have different work ethics. They are capable of doing amazing things when you build the learning around what interest them. Inspiring and engaging today’s 21st-century learners, who have grown up surrounded with digital media and are used to having instant access to information, requires flexible resources that change with students’ needs.

Integration of technology in all curriculum areas has been a major focus at Moriah College from Years 6 -12. Together with this, in Years 9 and 10, students are introduced to the exciting world of software development, both through the use of computing languages as well as through the sophisticated use of other design applications such as databases, spreadsheets and multimedia web design applications. Our students learn to problem solve, and apply this understanding to creating computer based solutions to meet specified needs. Students work individually and in groups, enhancing and broadening their skills with each new task, and we find that students tend to work at a pace that meets their individual needs. Each year, we offer our students the opportunity to compete in a number of National Programming Competitions.

We offer a range of senior courses in Computing to cater for students of all interest areas and skill levels, including Software Design and Development (SDD) for our computer Programmers, Information Processing Technology (IPT) for our Information System aficionados and Computer Applications (CAP) for those who wish to learn more about the use of software applications. We are very proud of our HSC results in these senior subjects, where our students consistently appear in merit lists and lists of the top ten students in the state. The College has produced many excellent computer programmers, a number of whom whilst still at school have experienced great success in national programming competitions.