Design & Technology

Design & Technology

Design & Technology Department Selection Year 9 and 10

Nurturing creativity through making

Study in Design and Technology:

Elective courses in Years 9 &10 Preliminary and HSC courses

The Design & Technology Department encourages the curiosity and development of an ability to design and create. The underlying course structure combines three overlapping experiences that promote ability, commitment and creativity.

We use inquiry-based learning to develop an understanding and application of design process. This provides an opportunity for collaboration learning and reasoning with peers, teamwork and co-operative learning.

Student projects will involve
- Challenges
- Flexible creative thinking and originality of thought
- Critical thinking
- Problem solving for real world issues   
- Hands-on practical learning experiences
- Exploring new equipment and techniques
- Data processing
- Communication
- Integration of information and communications technology
- Working with others collaboratively and in teams
- Application of research
- Evaluation


1. Product Design
Students will focus on developing a range of objects that demonstrate design factor principles. Students will learn how usability, ergonomics, aesthetics and the social and environmental settings contribute to good design practice. Developing skills in this area is important for innovation in Australian society.

2. Architectural Design
Thinking as an architectural designer, students will have the opportunity for designs for realistic solutions: for example, short-term emergency accommodation or houses for the future that incorporate recycled materials and deal with issues of environmental sustainability.

3. Fashion Design
Thinking creatively is vital for the role of a fashion designer as well as a range of skills that include pattern making; fashion drawing; sewing machine skills; fabric construction techniques; and experimentation with natural and synthetic fibres to create fashion accessories and garments.

4. Jewellery Design
Students will adopt the role of a jewellery designer to design and produce jewellery accessories using industrial techniques such as hand metal skills, mould making, resin casting, laser cutting and recycled and found objects.

5. Interior Design
Students will experience this activity through the development of designs for adaptation in both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ furnishings.

6. Environmental Design
Environmentally friendly design can provide popular solutions for sustainable living arrangements. Students will develop skills in using recycled materials to explore viable alternatives to traditional building materials.

Students have the opportunity in studying Design & Technology to pursue successful careers in the following fields:

- Architecture
- Engineering
- Product Design
- Graphic Design
- Automotive Design
- Hospitality and Catering
- Fashion Design
- Interior Design
- Theatre Design
- Landscape Design