English is the only subject that is compulsory for all students from Year 7 in Middle School to HSC level in Senior School.

In Years 9 – 10, English lessons go far beyond the printed text with film and multimedia texts now major components of the subject. Students are required to analyse and learn to 'read' films, photographs and a range of other visuals. In Years 11 – 12, there is an emphasis on how a text is valued rather than simply the text itself. Students are encouraged to explore the context within which each text is created and how particular texts are valued over time.

Since 2001, senior students have had the opportunity to study English at a 4-unit level. This involves each student designing an individual project - creative, analytical, investigative or interpretive. A large number of students choose this option, embarking on a diverse range of projects, from creating their own websites to writing radio plays and film scripts.

All English students participate in visits to performances by drama groups and they are also encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities such as Debating, Public Speaking and submitting works in a range of creative writing competitions, where the work of Moriah students has been recognised and published.

Gifted and Talented students' individual needs are met through our extension programs, designed to stimulate students to meet their full potential.