Jewish Studies/Hebrew

Jewish Studies & Hebrew

Students at Moriah College are given the opportunity to study Ivrit, Jewish Studies, Jewish History, Classical Hebrew, Studies of Religion and Modern Israel Studies.

Every aspect of Jewish life is included within the Jewish Studies curriculum.

Students are inspired by stories of the great Biblical heroes. They enjoy learning about our colourful calendar, and appreciate the spiral nature of this curriculum. Students study about our past – they celebrate our triumphs and mourn our tragedies. Our students are taught about the relevance of halachot and mitzvoth and how to apply these as proud Australians.

They participate in interfaith days sharing their knowledge and appreciating the differences amongst those of different faiths. Students gain essential skills in analysing the text of the Tanach and Talmud, skills that will remain with them well beyond their days at Moriah.

Of paramount importance is the study of Israel along with her rights and responsibilities. Students discuss those issues that lie at the core of the Middle East peace process and in so doing are provided with the ability to become proud ambassadors who are able to advocate for and on behalf of Israel.

The Jewish attitude towards death and dying is addressed along with a course on turning morality into reality. Our senior students can choose from a variety of modules including why bad things happen to good people or how to grow spiritually and achieve personal power. 

In addition to their classroom learning, students gain a comprehensive understanding of tefillah (prayer) where they are encouraged to lead the services and have the opportunity to attend a full service each morning and afternoon.

ICT, excursions, incursions, guest speakers, new methodologies and curricula that is up to date, relevant and meaningful combine to make Jewish Studies one of the most important subjects taught.

Our students are encouraged to strengthen their intellectual, emotional, spiritual and social links with their Jewish heritage and Israel, emerging with a stronger sense of identity as Jewish Australians.


The study of Hebrew assists students to maintain and develop their cultural heritage, foster a sense of belonging and cultivate strong ties with Medinat Yisrael and Am Yisrael.

Learning languages has been shown to increase metalinguistic awareness and enhance general cognitive development.

By studying Hebrew, students develop their proficiency in the four language skills of reading and responding, listening and responding, speaking and writing in Modern Hebrew. They are exposed to Israeli culture, allowing them to experience and appreciate the richness and diversity of the art, cuisine, literature, film and music of Modern Israel.