Education Support

Education Support

At Moriah College our focus is on maximising the opportunities for each student to achieve individual success. For students with unique, special needs this is provided through our innovative Learning Support Centre (LSC).

Established to reflect Moriah’s commitment to cater for students of all abilities, the LSC offers Middle and High School Special Needs students support that is specific to their individual learning and development; and ensures that they are given every chance to reach their full potential.

Within the LSC setting, students are provided with Individual Education Plans (IEPs) of which an essential component is inclusion into mainstream classes across all aspects of the school community.

In addition, the LSC offers students a Life Skills Program, which includes living skills essential to the outside world such as financial literacy, using public transport and the appropriate use of money; and vocational skills such as using computers, cooking, and design and technology. There is also a focus on health, hygiene and self-care. In addition an important element of the program has been the development of appropriate work habits, coping skills and peer relationships and appropriate social interactions in context.

The Life Skills Program is a particularly worthwhile and rewarding aspect of the LSC Program. An extension of this has been the introduction of Work Experience for students over 15 years and the opportunity for some students to attend TAFE Programs, preparing them for their life after school - be it work or further study.

Underlying all of this is an essential Jewish Learning Program, which incorporate all aspects of the College’s Jewish History, Jewish Studies, and IVRIT programs.