Education Enrichment and Support

Education Enrichment and Support

Moriah's Education Enrichment and Support Programs reflect the College's goal of  catering for the needs of all students. The Program are designed to cater for the learning needs of all students in a variety of ways.

The Enrichment Program incorporates the understanding that giftedness can often be accompanied by unique characteristics and needs in the intellectual, social and emotional domains.

Identification of gifted and talented students is multifaceted. We use a variety of methods to try and ensure that children's learning needs are met. The process is ongoing as children may develop at different rates. Some of the identification methods include:

* Standardised Achievements Testing
* Diagnostic Testing
* Records of Achievement
* Teacher and parent nomination
* Independent Psychometric Testing where appropriate

In Years K-2, students in the Enrichment Program are grouped together for some part of their learning and extended and enriched in mathematics and reading. In K-2 students differing levels of ability are catered for through curriculum differentiation.

Students in Years 1 and 2 who have been identified as gifted and talented also have the opportunity to extend their learning through guided independent projects.

In Years 3-5, the program is organised utilising ability grouping in each of the CORE KLA’s -Mathematics, English, HSIE and Science. These classes allow for extension, enrichment, flexible progression in some subjects, and the opportunity to participate in a balanced range of co-curricular activities. Entry into the program requires students to meet specific, multiple criteria.

Our Education Support Program reflects Moriah’s commitment to cater for students with unique differences. Our ultimate goal is to integrate these pupils according to their special needs and to ensure that they reach their full potential as individuals

In order to achieve these aims, separate pathways have been designed to develop the unique abilities of these students. If necessary, differentiation of, and additions to, the existing curriculum are made so that these students have successful, relevant learning experiences.

The education and support team provides a wide variety of services within the Primary School to support the diverse nature of students’ needs, including an assessment and a diagnosis. Included in these services are in-class support, alternative and transition programs.

In-house language and literacy therapists provide services on a needs basis.