Giving students the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and a sense of responsibility from an early age, is a key component of Moriah's commitment to a holistic education, well beyond classroom instruction and a focus on academics.

From Year 3, students are elected on to the SRC (Student Representative Council) and encouraged to listen to their peers and develop ideas to enhance their Primary School experiences.

Year 3 students also have the opportunity to run lunch-time 'clubs' for Year K-2 students in the library, acting as wonderful role-models for the younger students.

In Year 5, each student becomes a 'buddy' for a new Year K student, welcoming them on their first day of school and helping to ensure that the Year K students become familiar with their surroundings and settled in as quickly as possible.

Year 5 students also run activities for Year K-2 students on festival days such as Purim; and set up fundraising events during lunchtimes to raise money for various charities.

Further, each Year 5 student is given a specific Leadership position to ensure that their final year in Primary School is marked by an added sense of responsibility in preparation for Middle School and also to 'give back' to the Primary School community.  These positions include a wide range of duties from Bus and Library Monitor to Assembly monitor and preparing the flags to be raised on a daily basis.