Welcome To Primary School

Welcome to Moriah College Primary School.

Our dedicated teachers offer our students in Years K-6 an excellent educational program in a warm, nurturing and friendly environment. The Jewish and General Studies curriculum is further enriched by an extensive array of co- and extra-curricular activities that promote an awareness of the individual as a member of both the Jewish and wider Australian community.

We are proud of our high academic standards and the supportive guidance that we offer, believing in the innate potential of all students and teachers and providing the resources and the opportunities that enable them all to learn and grow. An informal, happy atmosphere fosters both positive communication and a sense of autonomy within the student body. Whist we celebrate excellence and success, we make a point of encouraging students at all levels, offering varied experiences that are both fun and educational in a physical environment that values those within it.

We treasure our Jewish background with its rich sense of history and purpose and fill our school year with rituals, ceremonies and commemorations that reinforce our heritage, our ethos and our core values. Perhaps most importantly of all, we know and value each member of our school community.

The aims of our teachers lie in developing self-discipline, self-reliance and initiative in our Primary students so that they become independent learners and, ultimately, face all the challenges of High School.

Tracey Schreier
Head of Primary School