Foundation Corporate Sponsorship

Foundation Corporate Sponsorship

What is Foundation Corporate Sponsorship?

Foundation Corporate Sponsorship provides the opportunity for the business community to donate funds for bursaries and scholarships.

What does it cover?

Foundation Corporate Sponsorship helps fund bursaries for children whose families are not able to pay for a Moriah education.

What are the benefits of becoming a Foundation Corporate Sponsor?
  • Displaying good corporate citizenship
  • Linking support for education with your company's staff development program
  • Access to a potential pool of talent for your company
  • Access to a niche demographic market
  • Exposure and advertising to Moriah Foundation Members and to the Moriah Family
  • Positioning your company as a Thought Leader in a specific area, eg: ABC Co Accounting Excellence Scholarship

The cost of a Jewish education presents a major challenge for many families within our community, who wish to provide their children with a Moriah education, but cannot afford to do so.

The Moriah Foundation has launched the inaugural Moriah Foundation Bursary Program, aimed at providing as many Jewish children as possible with a Moriah education. We now seek corporate bursaries, and contributions to the Moriah Bursary Fund. All contributions to the Moriah Foundation in excess of $20,000 will receive Corporate Sponsor membership to the Moriah Foundation.

Who do I speak to about becoming a Foundation Corporate Sponsor?

Please contact the Foundation Director on (02) 9375 1774 or email

Corporate Sponsorship membership

Donations of $20,000 and above will gain corporate membership at the following levels:
  • Corporate Member – $20,000
  • Corporate Fellow – $50,000
  • Corporate Benefactor – $250,000
  • Corporate Trustee – $500,000
  • Corporate Life Trustee – $1 million