Our Teaching and Learning Environment

Moriah College has been on a continuous path of self-improvement since its inception in 1943. Today, it is still a “passionate work in progress” - an ever-evolving place of learning where students have at their fingertips the best facilities money, time and dedication can buy. Below is a list of some of the facilities Moriah currently has to offer. There will be more to come.

Hugo Lowy Synagogue
Moshe Triguboff Auditorium
Tennis Courts, Burger Moss Gymnasium, Basketball courts and Gloria and John Eisman Swimming Pool
Biggs Family Cafeteria
Brender Moss Middle/High School Library
Rachel Lowy Years K-2 School Library and Landerer Family Years 3-5 Library 
Railea Moss Assembly Hall
Berel & Agnes Ginges Amphitheatre
Computer laboratoriesPerforming Arts Centre
Leon Fink Middle School Building
Abraham Bilfeld College Building
John Saunders Science Building
Harry Triguboff Jewish Studies Building
Gisella Scheinberg Art Building
Design & Technology Building
Danny Gardos Music Centre
State-of-the-art Early Learning Centres



For a copy of our Transport, Traffic and Parking plan, please click HERE (PDF 449.3KB)