Years 5 and 6 (Stage 3) Program

Our innovative Years 5 & 6 (Stage 3) program
gives every child the opportunity to SHINE 

Our belief is that every child can develop intelligence, ability and capabilities through persistence, perseverance and effort.  

We focus on growing learners that are thinkers, open-minded, adventurous, compassionate and determined, informed by an understanding that every student deserves a learning environment, which privileges high expectations from staff and students alike. All this is underpinned by a firm commitment to our values and our ethos, and to fulfill our vision of shaping children who will achieve personal excellence and make a positive contribution informed by the richness of their Jewish heritage.  

In our Years 5 & 6 (stage 3) Primary School program - SHINE - we want children to exercise their full range of possibilities by providing them all of these opportunities and more:

  • Teachers who will differentiate and personalise learning to ensure that each child is encouraged to engage with learning in a robust and exuberant way
  • Learning aligned with each student's personal goals, and identified using each student's strengths
  • Explicit teaching in critical and creative thinking and metacognition
  • Work that takes students past their edge of competency into their zone of proximal development
  • Interdisciplinary themes in STEM and inquiry learning
  • Classrooms and learning spaces, which reflect a commitment to collaboration, communication and autonomy
  • Academically Selective Class to allow students to think through higher-order concepts in a deep and complex way
  • Flexible groupings to target intervention, enrichment or extension in all classes
  • Contemporary Bat Mitzvah program for Year 6 girls
  • Focus on developing intercultural understanding
  • Access to specialist High School teachers with expertise in Science, Maths and Visual Art
  • Leadership Program for all students
  • Wellbeing program that incorporates mindfulness and gratitude, and teaches resilience and optimism.

Academically Selective Class offering

Within this offering is an Academically Selective Class, in which high aptitude and performance students are grouped together. Moriah College recognises students may exhibit high potential in a range of domains. When high cognifitive ability is connected with high levels of effort and engagement, students can produce particularly sophisticated classwork. Increasing responsibility and autonomy for their learning can lead to increased motivation, perseverance and a student's desire to learn more.

These high aptitude learners should be provided with the most appropriate combination of learning experiences that:

  • Expand learning to include subject areas or foci beyond the normal scope of the school curriculum
  • Deepen learning through personalsation and challenge in combination with collaboaration with like minded peers, the wider community or experts in the field
  • Allow students to explore areas of interest to a greater level of complexity, encouraging students to find and solve problems, make connections and manipulate abstract ideas
  • Take into consideration the specific social and emotional needs of high aptitude learners, such as over-excitabilities
  • Encourage risk-taking

Students in the Academically Selective Class in Year 5 and 6 also have the opportunity to attend the da Vinci Decathlon and the HICES Gifted and Talented Camp.

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