meet our leadership team

We pride ourselves on having the best team of people to ensure that our school and our students thrive. 


John Hamey
College Principal

Ronnen Grauman
Acting Dean of Jewish Life & Learning

Cathy Milwidsky
Director of Early Learning

Lynda Fisher
Head of  Primary School (commencing 2019)

Jan Hart
Head of High School

Trevor Johnson
Chief Operating Officer

Natalie Mina
Executive Director of Engagement

Lauren Koseff
Human Resources Manager


Rabbi Dr Aryeh Lieb Solomon
College Rabbi

Vicki Farkas
Director of Admissions 

Jo Gluckman
Deputy Head of High School, Student Life

Assunta Di Gregorio
Deputy Head of High School, Learning, Research & Innovation

Rod Krigstein
Deputy Head of Primary School, Administration

Felicity Segel
Deputy Head of Primary School, Student Life

Lori Springer
Director of ICT

Roberta Goot
Director of Music and Co-curricular

Marisa Zadro
Director of Learning Enhancement

Elizabeth Webster
Director of Professional Practice

Dom Helene
Director of Sport and PDHPE