Our Core Values

Our Mission

Moriah College aspires to achieve excellent academic standards by promoting the intellectual, spiritual, moral, social and physical development of the students. We strive to foster critical thought, cultural interests, tolerance, social responsibility and self-discipline. The total development of all our students remains our overall concern – helping them to proudly realise their full potential as Jews, and as Australians.

Moriah not only aspires to achieve excellence in academic standards, but maintains and promotes among its students an awareness of and a feeling for Jewish traditions and ethics, an understanding of and a positive commitment to Orthodox Judaism and identification with and love for Israel. Moriah creates a stimulating and caring environment for each student, provides a rich Jewish social and cultural experience and offers wide-ranging support services for its students, including support programs for children with special needs and careers information and advice.

Moriah College is an independent, co-educational Modern Orthodox Zionist Jewish school, which prides itself on providing the highest standard of Jewish education.

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  • We show consideration for people's rights, wishes, values and feelings.

    Our Values Respect
  • We uphold Jewish values and seek to enhance the moral character of our school community.

    Our Values Integrity
  • We are committed to our students' success and strive to offer opportunities beyond graduation.

    Our Values Commitment
  • We encourage our students to embrace the true meaning of the word chesed and to always be kind.

    Our Values Kindness
  • Leading by example, we teach our students to be accountable for their actions and behaviour.

    Our Values Responsibility