The Moriah Foundation

With a growing number of families needing our financial support, The Moriah Foundation is committed to supporting as many children as possible to receive an outstanding Moriah education and securing the long-term sustainability of Moriah College.

Since inception, The Moriah Foundation has raised over $30M from generous donors who have supported hundreds of children to receive a Moriah education. 

A growing Moriah Foundation will ensure that Moriah remains a leading school of choice, providing our children with excellence in both Jewish and general education, and bringing unique experiences and life-changing opportunities to all our children. 

The Moriah Foundation is also focused on engaging with our entire Moriah family, ensuring we remain connected to our alumni, grandparents and supporters, as we can continue to invest in our children.

Please refer to the The Moriah Foundation Webpage for more information on our programs and how you can get involved. 

Change a child's life today. Find out about the several ways to support Moriah families and children through The Moriah Foundation by clicking here to donate today.

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