Experiential Jewish Life and Learning

Jewish Life & Learning is more than a component of our school – it is a value that underpins a way of life that serves as the driving force behind everything we do at Moriah.

Through a wealth of formal and experiential Jewish Learning, Moriah provides a fabric of faith and character with which each student can sew his or her own personal identity within the warm and colourful tapestry of our people.

By instilling knowledge of our Jewish traditions, Torah, mitzvot, history, ethics, family values, Hebrew and a love for Israel, our students are encouraged to strengthen their intellectual, emotional, spiritual and social links with their Jewish heritage, emerging with a stronger sense of identity as Jewish Australians.

The Jewish Studies curriculum remains faithful to the College's founding philosophy. Comprehensive and enriching, the curriculum encourages students to view personal and social relations, achievements and responsibilities in the light of the Torah.

Through our experiential educational programs, students learn to apply their Jewish knowledge to everyday life. Moriah College students enjoy residential camps, Shabbatonim and Israel Study Tours in an informal, fun atmosphere.

Daily prayers are a part of every student's life at Moriah. Our College Rabbi provides spiritual guidance and many students choose to celebrate their Bar or Bat Mitzvah at Kehillat Moriah, our on-campus synagogue.