Kehillat Moriah

We are thrilled to introduce you to Rabbi Mendel Treitel, our new spiritual leader at Kehillat Moriah - the Hugo Lowy Synagogue.

For the past 30 years, the Hugo Lowy Synagogue has served as both the College's place of worship for religious events, and as an independent community. Kehillat Moriah has provided Shabbat services, hosted Bar and Bat Mitzvot, weddings and a host of other life-cycle events.

Following Rabbi Aryeh Solomon's retirement at the end of 2022, the Kehillah ceased operating on Shabbatot and we have been actively seeking a new leader capable of revitalising the Kehillat Moriah community, making it a home for members of the Moriah Family and beyond, who are looking for a Kehillah to connect to. 

Born in Hampstead, Quebec, Rabbi Treitel's roots are deeply intertwined with the Montreal Torah Center (MTC), a dynamic community center co-established by his parents. His extensive experience in public speaking, leading Torah classes, and assuming pulpit responsibilities has refined his skills as a teacher and mentor. He is also an accomplished artist and sculptor; his extraordinary work has featured in several major exhibitions to wide acclaim. 

Guided by a Chabad Yeshivah education, he has undertaken multiple international assignments, connecting with individuals from diverse backgrounds and leading them on spiritual journeys.  These experiences have equipped him with the skills and passion to serve and inspire communities.

Rabbi Treitel is dedicated to reinvigorating Kehillat Moriah. His vision includes creating a vibrant Kehillah community, embracing College families, staff members, alumni, and long-standing congregants. He will oversee Shabbat services and all Jewish life cycle celebrations, ensuring our traditions continue to thrive. Additionally, he seeks to actively engage with the College community, enhancing our overall Jewish Life and Learning experiences.

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History of the Hugo Lowy Synagogue
In 1991, Peter Lowy, his wife Janine and their children, went to a hotel in Palm Springs, California, to spend the Passover. One morning, Peter went down to the hotel shop to collect his newspaper, and standing in front of him was an elderly man also waiting to be served. When the shop assistant asked for Peter's name, he replied 'Lowy'. The elderly man remarked that his name was Lowy too. Thinking they might be related, the man engaged Peter in conversation ...
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