Early Learning Jewish Life

Developing and nurturing young minds is the cornerstone of Jewish philosophy at Moriah Early Learning Centres. An array of Jewish educational programs and explanatory services related to Shabbat and holidays are integrated into the curriculum in a warm environment. The children are taught the significance of the Jewish high holidays and their active participation is encouraged.

Shabbat is a very special day at the Centres where the children get to welcome in Shabbat together with the educators. Parents and families are an important link in the chain. By reinforcing and embracing all the Jewish celebrations in their own homes and family life, the children gain a deeper appreciation of their heritage and traditions.

Our devoted team, consisting of Velvel Lederman and Vanessa Srur spend considerable time in each Centre. Velvel , our Jewish Studies Co-coordinator spends time sharing Jewish values, lessons from the Torah and cultural traditions and observances through story-telling, song and drama. The Hebrew Program, taught by Anat identifies age-appropriate conversation and language using instruments, songs, dances, games and stories as valuable tools which are utilized to begin the foundation for future learning.

The children get the opportunity to build special relationships with Velvel and Anat while exploring the concepts that they introduce in Jewish Studies and Ivrit. An integrated approach to Judaism is encouraged throughout the year by each of the educators providing the children with a very positive early learning experience of their Jewish heritage and a deeper understanding of the pivotal role they play in the dynamic Jewish community.