High School Jewish Life

Our Department of Experiential Jewish Education stands at the centre of High School life, offering dynamic programs on special days and festivals and injecting a tangible flavour of Jewish Life into everything we do.

Our Sherut Leumi Girls and Hesder Boys bring a strong Israeli flavour to our school and are involved in Chagim, Jewish and Ivrit programs and leadership programs. Our Kollel boys offer our students the chance to sit and learn in our Bet Midrash during all hours of the day. Recess and lunchtimes find the Bet Midrash a thriving place of Torah learning whilst our special Pizza Wednesday shiurim are particularly popular.

Year 9-11 students attend our annual residential Counterpoint seminars, which offer an intensive religious and Zionist experience through open discussions and thought-provoking, high-class professional programs.

Our flagship Program for Year 10 students is the Israel Study Tour (IST), a six and a half week journey to Poland and Israel during which our students see and learn about pre-War Jewry in Europe then celebrate the future by experiencing the sights, sounds, smells and everything else that we love about Israel.

In whatever they are doing, our students are encouraged to evaluate their intellectual, emotional, spiritual and social links with their Jewish heritage and Israel, emerging more integrated and at home with their Jewish identity.

We believe that our students are our future and to this end, we promote community involvement through youth movements and other organisations to ensure that our students continue to participate and contribute to the community long after they leave the College.