An inclusive program

Our Early Learning Centres provide a ‘strengths based’ program for all children. In a ‘strengths based’ program each child’s strengths and interests are identified and used to consolidate and extend areas of emerging development.

Children with additional needs and rights are included in each Centre and their active participation in the program is supported. The ‘special education’ educators and the team of educators in each room work collaboratively with the child’s family and carers, as well as therapists and outside agencies to develop and implement appropriate, individualised and caring programs.

The individual programs are inclusive and are integrated into the flow of the day. The educators in the room meet regularly to discuss the emphasis of each child’s program. Together with the family they develop specific strategies that will best support the child and facilitate inclusion. Specific learning outcomes are identified and addressed through participation in the daily program, in small group and individual play and learning experiences.

The educators generally meet with prospective families six months prior to entry into the Early Learning Centre so that they are able to understand the child’s needs. Based on this information we are able to apply for an appropriate level of funding for the following year. Early intervention government funding provides a contribution towards costs of additional staff, staff education and resources for children. During Term 4 of the year prior to entry, we welcome children and their families to spend time at the Centre in order to facilitate a smooth transition. Our educators also offer support to the child and family in the transition to school.

We value the contribution that our children with additional needs and rights and their families make to our Early Learning community.