The Wellbeing of students at Moriah College incorporates all aspects of school life from students’ physical, intellectual, moral, social, emotional and spiritual Wellbeing and development, to the safe and supportive environment in which they learn. It is based on the premise that students have the right to learn in a friendly, encouraging, secure, supportive and enriching environment.

Our Code of Conduct ensures that these basic rights are upheld and aims to give our students a positive sense of self-esteem leading to a sense of identity, achievement, self-worth and mutual respect.

Through carefully designed, age-appropriate programs, each child is guided to make a positive contribution to the Wellbeing of all students in the school, their families and members of the broader community.

The Wellbeing of every Moriah student is of the utmost importance to the College.

The High School operates on a vertically-integrated, House-based Wellbeing structure with Heads of House ensuring the holistic development of each child, tracking academic progress, promoting engagement in a range of co-curricular activities, developing leadership skills, managing behaviour and developing pride in our students, their House and the College. Eight Heads of House work together in two teams (Junior Years 7-9 and Senior Years 10-12). Each Head of House works with six House Tutors and approximately 110 students. The vertical House system enhances opportunities for students in different year levels to interact with each other and establish proactive networks that cut across year groups and age cohorts, through Wellbeing programs led by the Heads of House.