Academic Life

Years K - 2

From Year K, where the emphasis is on providing familiarity and support for the children as they move into their first year of school, to Year 2, students enjoy a secure learning environment, which both nurtures and stimulates their young minds and helps them to develop:


Years 3 - 6

A more formal learning process begins in the classroom environment in preparation for the more demanding Middle and High School years. Students are taught to set objectives and achieve goals as individuals and as team members. They are introduced to technology, with the latest teaching aids giving them the confidence to use the tools they’ll need in a world dependent on accessing and managing information.

Technology in the Classroom

Moriah is committed to giving our students and teachers access to a range of resources and tools to support 21st Century learning, promote critical and creative thinking skills and increase opportunities to work collaboratively.

From Year K, students enjoy Computer lessons in our dedicated computer rooms, familiarising themselves with a range of ICT (Information Communications Technology) software.
Use of the Active Boards in each classroom bring lessons to life and allow a level of interactivity never before possible.

Students in Years 3-6 participate in our unique one-to-one Tablet Program - Let's Collaborate, Let's Create.

This program promotes a student-centred classroom, where students are active, responsible participants in their own learning. Student-Centred Learning is focussed on each student’s interests, abilities and learning styles, with the teacher as the facilitator of the learning. In contrast, teacher-centred learning has the teacher in an active role and the students in a passive, receptive role.

Education programs centred around Cybersafety and Digital Citizenship are key components of the ICT Program at Moriah College. Ensuring that our students learn about the responsible use of digital technology from the youngest possible age, is very important to us and will contribute significantly to the way in which our students use digital technologies as they grow older.