Moriah Scholars in Entrepreneurship

The Naase Moriah Scholars in Entrepreneurship program launched in 2017 as the result of a generous donation from Kelly + Partners and the Moriah College Foundation. Each year, five students are awarded with an all expenses paid trip to Israel to visit leading Israeli startups and entrepreneurs.

The program sets ambitious goals for students in Year 11, who have to pitch ideas for life-changing startup businesses that will have a positive impact on society in order to win one of the five sought-after spots. 

The objective is to encourage our students to think globally, to have a social conscience and to believe that they can make a positive difference in people’s lives.

To be selected in the entrepreneur program, students undertake a challenging application process where they have to come up with an innovative idea, develop a professional pitch and present it to a panel of leading Sydney business figures and chair of the Moriah Foundation.

This incredible opportunity also allows students to make a connection between the real world and what they learn in the classroom. Students visit startups, think tanks and big players in the technology sector to see firsthand the kind of selfless entrepreneurial thinking our College hopes to inspire in them.