Israel Study Tour (IST)

What is IST?

Israel Study Tour (IST) is a seven week program, including a week in Poland and six weeks in Israel, that consolidates Holocaust studies through Year 10 and celebrates Israel as the Jewish State. Identifying with and developing pride and passion in the State of Israel has been proven critical to our young people’s commitment to their Judaism and, therefore, to Jewish continuity.

For a snapshot into what life is like on IST, and to keep up to date with this year's trip, visit the IST blog HERE.

IST Subsidies

In 2012 the Moriah Foundation launched its IST Subsidy Program. Any child was able to apply for either a full or half means tested subsidy. Funds were also raised for the first time to offer interest free loans to families who wished to pay the cost of IST over a set period of time.

We aim to assist as many Moriah students as possible to go on IST, which is a cornerstone and highlight of a Moriah education. The Moriah Foundation will continue to fund as many children as possible to go on IST through both the abovementioned methods of assistance.

Their stories speak for themselves

The gratitude expressed by parents and students echoes the sentiments of all the students who were given the opportunity to go on IST.

“There are no words to express our gratitude for what you have done for our son. Your incredible generosity and kindness have allowed him to have an opportunity of a lifetime that he would otherwise not have had”.

“I will remember this moment for the rest of my life”; “this has been a life changing experience for me”.

How can I donate an IST subsidy?

Please donate securely online or contact the Foundation Director on (02) 9375 1774 or email

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