Bursaries and Legacy Giving

The Moriah Foundation Bursary Program

Moriah College has always offered academic scholarships, as most independent schools do. We now need to offer means-tested scholarships (bursaries) without any academic criteria. Consistent with any private education, the cost of a Moriah education is increasingly challenging for many families. To help address this financial pressure, the Moriah Foundation has launched the Moriah Foundation Bursary Program. The procuring of bursarial assistance will be a major focus of the Foundation. It is our hope that many individuals and businesses will step forward to help fund a Moriah education for our children when finance is the obstacle.

What is a bursary?

A bursary is a financial grant for students to further their education and is means tested. A bursary differs from a scholarship in that no academic or performance-related criteria apply. A bursary also differs from fee assistance in that it is a fixed sum awarded for a fixed period and fee assistance is granted for a portion of tuition fees and is considered per school year upon application.

Bursaries are granted in accordance with criteria set by the College Principal and Board of Management, through the Financial Assistance Committee.

Why donate a bursary?

The opportunity to dedicate a bursary in honour or in memory of someone is an opportunity to confer a legacy that may change the life of a Jewish child, and help to ensure the continuity of Jewish education in our community.

One of the most important aspects of Jewish continuity is the ability to provide a sound Jewish education. A Moriah College education helps ensure that our students graduate with a deep knowledge and love of Judaism, solid Jewish values and identity, and a strong connection to the State of Israel.

The cost of a bursary

Bursaries commence with a gift of $90,000 payable over seven years. Most donors are opting to pledge a fixed amount each year, but donors may choose whatever option will most suit their individual circumstances.

The Moriah Bursary Fund

The Moriah Foundation Bursary Fund is an investment fund set up by the Moriah Foundation. The interest earned from the invested capital will be used to fund additional bursaries which will be awarded at the discretion of the College Principal together with the Board of Management and Financial Assistance Committee.

How can I support the Moriah Foundation’s Bursary Program?
The difference that a bursary can make to one Jewish child is nothing short of life-changing. We invite you to help educate one or more children by donating a bursary or making a donation to the Moriah Foundation Bursary Fund.

We recognise donors’ diverse wishes and financial capacities: not all donors are able to fully fund a bursary, but there are many possibilities for contribution to the bursary program. For example, families could combine to contribute or use the opportunity of a simcha to direct donations to the Moriah Foundation Bursary Fund. Businesses may sponsor corporate bursaries. Donations may also be made to the Moriah College Bursary Fund. Families whose children have graduated, and who have the financial means will, we hope, consider the opportunity to support another child through Moriah College.

Your contribution will help to secure a strong future for our College and the longevity of Jewish education in our community. Giving to the Moriah Foundation allows you to invest in the education of students of today and tomorrow.

Please contact the Foundation Manager on (02) 9375 1620 or e-mail foundationpresident@moriah.nsw.edu.au.
You can also speak to any Moriah Foundation Board member.

All donations to support the Moriah Bursary program are tax deductible.


Legacy Giving

There are stars whose light only reaches the earth long after they have fallen apart. There are people whose remembrance gives light in this world, long after they have passed away.
The Talmud

What is legacy giving?

Legacy giving is leaving a bequest. It is a provision made in your Will to make a gift to a worthy cause or institution. It enables you to make a gift sometimes at a level not possible during your lifetime. Through a bequest to the Moriah Foundation you can contribute to the future of the College and its students. The education of our children remains utterly central to our strength as a people and a bequest to Moriah College will help ensure a healthy future for our Jewish community.

Bequests are a very personal matter and can be made in a number of ways to reflect your particular wishes. Bequests can comprise a specific amount of money or a percentage of your estate after you have provided for your family and friends.

Will my bequest make a difference?

Every bequest, large or small, is an opportunity for you to make a very special, tangible and lasting gift, which will touch the lives of future Moriah College students.

How will my bequest be used?

Unless otherwise instructed, your gift will be directed to the Moriah Foundation Bursary Fund. The Bursary Fund is a specific fund designed to support Jewish education and to make it affordable for more Jewish children in Sydney to receive a Moriah education. Your commitment through a bequest to the Moriah Foundation is a lasting way of ensuring the strength and viability of the College and of contributing to the future strength of the Sydney Jewish Community as a whole.

Alternatively, you may prefer to direct your bequest to a specific area of Moriah College about which you feel personally passionate. Please feel free to discuss this with us.

How do I make a gift to the Moriah Foundation through a bequest in my Will?

We recommend that you involve your family in your decision to make a gift to the Moriah Foundation and that you also seek the advice of your solicitor.

If you have already made a Will, you may simply add a codicil to include the Moriah Foundation. This is a straightforward and inexpensive procedure. If the Foundation is already included in your Will, we encourage you to notify us.

Should you tell Moriah College you are making a bequest?

There is no obligation to notify us that you have made a bequest, or the value of your bequest. However, a notified bequest to the Foundation will entitle you to the appropriate recognition, and to enjoy a fulfilling association with the College during your lifetime.

How do I register my intention to make a bequest?

If you wish to indicate your support for Moriah College by making a bequest to the Foundation, or notify us of your bequest so that we may include you in special events held for our members, please contact the Foundation Manager on (02) 9375 1620 or email foundationpresident@moriah.nsw.edu.au. All information will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Your bequest will make a difference.