Moriah turns 80!

"Ben Shmonim Lig’vurah –  At Eighty, One Achieves Strength”  -  Pirkei Avot

2023 marks a major milestone for Moriah College - our 80th anniversary!   #moriahproud

In February 1943, the College officially opened its doors as the North Bondi Hebrew Day School & Kindergarten, with an enrolment of approximately 25 children, aged three to six. Now, Moriah College is home to more than 1700 students from Early Learning to Year 12, with an impressive network of talents including our extraordinary educators and support staff, and tens of thousands of alumni.

So, throughout 2023 we are celebrating Moriah's 80th in many ways; acknowledging a heritage of excellence and all the while looking forward toward our promising future. Here are a few memorable moments...


New signage around the school
On 14 February, the whole College celebrated  80 years since the day we first opened our doors in 1943.
Yad b
Hanni Chalmers OAM was a special guest at our Shya Redelman Early Learning Centre, where her Moriah journey began in that first class in 1943. Read More
Stephanie Schwartz
On 27 February, we were honoured to host former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett. Thank you to the UIA for this special opportunity.
80th Art Exhibition
A big thank you to Felicia and Stanley Kahn for donating more than two thousand delicious '80' biscuits for our birthday!
Ishay Ribo
Israeli musical artist and global superstar, Ishay Ribo made a special appearance at Moriah.
Naftali Bennett
At our annual Yom Hameyasdim Assembly (Founders' Day) Moriah staff member Stephanie Schwartz OAM paid tribute to her father, Harold Nagley (z''l), who served as Moriah's first principal for more than 13 years.
Art Exhibition
Our 80th Anniversary Art Exhibition featured artworks depicting chaggim, by students, alumni, parents, grandparents and members of the community.
Banners play
Our High School campus is looking fresh with a new collection of banners along our walkways, celebrating the cycle of the Jewish Year. The banners feature archival images, recent images and selected artworks from our communal art project.
Girl with 80th t-shirt, facepaint and cookie
Our school grounds enjoyed a colourful new makeover for our 80th anniversary. We now enjoy visual reminders of our key values across our campus.
Archival Video still
Enjoy this retrospective of archival footage chronicling Moriah College's remarkable journey from 25 students in 1943 to more than 1700 students from ELC to Year 12 today.
Hanni Chalmers
At Yad b'Yad, our youngest Moriah Family members enjoyed an 80th birthday party with singing, dancing, and a jumping castle! Read more about Yad b'Yad
Kids in JCA T-shirts
Thanks to the support of the JCA, every student and staff member was gifted a t-shirt to wear in celebration of our 80th. Read more about JCA
Newspaper article
This newspaper article appeared in The Hebrew Standard of Australasia on 15 March 1945, inviting readers to the first ever demonstration Seder being held at the North Bondi Jewish Day School, in Bondi Read article in full
80th whole school photo
In celebration of Moriah's 80th, we brought together all students from Years K-12, all 2-5 year old Early Learners, along with our staff and board members for one EPIC whole school photo!  This  serves as a beautiful reminder that when we  work towards a common goal, we can achieve something magnificent that none of us could have accomplished alone.
80 in 80 video project
We will be sharing 80 videos for our 80th featuring some of the people who have a connection to Moriah's history. Click here to discover more!